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A large island that lies to the south of the mainland of Atlantica. Aipotu is a place of great natural beauty with rugged hills and abundant wildlife. In the past, it was a popular tourist destination for visitors from St Cuthbert’s. However, Aipotu is now effectively a “no-go zone” due to the war that has been raging there since the Separatists of the South started an armed insurgency against the pro-government North of the Island.

Prime Minister Gwendolen Brooke-Ansah has defended her decision to launch a full-scale military assault on the south of Aipotu in order to retake the territory from the Separatists. Opposition leader Ted Barton of United We Stand has called the military operation “a cynical attempt to grab power from the legitimate fledgling nation of South Aipotu in order to secure its valuable energy resources”.

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