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Are you studying Business English for your work? Would you like to improve your ability in speaking, writing, reading and listening to help develop your career? Pay As You Learn.com is a website with everything you need: realistic and useful dialogues and articles in English, business situations including meeting new people, getting a job, talking about your work, telephoning, writing emails, taking part in meetings, doing presentations and much more.

Pay As You Learn.com has been created by Robert Dennis, a highly-experienced Business English teacher from London who has taught professionals in many sectors for over thirty years. Robert is currently based in Milan and teaches Business English at a major pharmaceutical company.

One of the key strengths of Pay As You Learn.com is its wealth of vocabulary and phrases to really help you improve your Business English. The articles and dialogues feature extensive vocabulary – and there are also interactive exercises to help you consolidate what you have learnt.

The main Business English course on the site is Learn Business English. This is a comprehensive English course covering all the main business skills you need to develop in order to achieve success. The sections on meeting new people will allow you to make a great impression when you make new contacts. “Getting a job” has everything you need to find a new position, including examples of how to write a CV, covering letter and answer difficult job interview questions. The sections on using the telephone, email, meetings and presentations will also equip you with all the language you need to survive and succeed at work.

Pay As You Learn.com also features other courses: Living English is a general English course created to help you extend your English in social situations, such as talking about your free time, family, food, music, TV and films, etc.

The English-Speaking World is a special course designed to introduce you to the language of politics, news and culture in “Anglo-Saxon” countries. One of the highlights in the course is Atlantica: an imaginary country based on the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Meet the characters from Atlantica, including Prime Minister Gwendolen Brooke-Ansah, union leader Ted Barton, entrepreneurs, singers, criminals and other personalities who inhabit this exciting and intriguing country.

You can use Pay As You Learn.com on your PC, tablet or iPhone. Signing up and creating an account is really simple – and there’s even a FREE Business English course you can enrol on. Once you are ready to try the full course, simply enrol on the site. If you’ve got a coupon code you can receive a substantial discount on the full price.

Give your English a boost with Pay As You Learn.com. Sign up today!

Visit: Pay As You Learn.com

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Audible Listen and Learn with John Peter Sloan (Amazon)

I have collaborated with John Peter Sloan and Daniela Di Muro on several series of English language podcasts for Audible, part of Amazon. These have included series on phrasal verbs, idioms and jokes in English.

Big Business English

BigBusinessEnglish.com is a website for people who want to learn and use English in their job. The site features exciting and useful resources, including dialogues and language articles for students of Business English.

H Advice Business School

I collaborate with H Advice, the international network of law firms and tax advisors, who hold regular training events for lawyers and accountants. I have led Business and Legal English courses for H Advice in both London and Milan.

Social Business Forum

I worked with OpenKnowledge, the international consulting company that is now part of Bip, on several editions of the Social Business Forum in Milan. I managed a team of interpreters and oversaw the translation of material for special SBF editions of the Harvard Business Review Italia.

Smith di Sicilia with John Peter Sloan

I played an English lawyer living in Sicily in this comedy film by John Peter Sloan. It was shot on location in and around the town of Menfi (AG). The cast included British and Italian actors based in both Sicily and Milan.


I have a Personal Channel on Cam.tv, an innovative web platform that allows people to create their own income through their passions and skills.

Milan Business English Network

I founded the Milan Business English Network with British entrepreneur Helen Fish. We organised networking events and aperitivos in Milan for professionals who wanted to meet new people and practise their English.

Zelig in English with John Peter Sloan

I appeared on stage at the legendary Zelig comedy club in Milan with John Peter Sloan. The show, “Zelig in English” marked the launch of John’s bestselling book, “Instant English 2”.

The Teachers’ Lounge with Pearson

I organised an innovative networking event with education consultant Russell Lewis for English language teachers in Milan. Sponsored by Pearson Education, the event was held in the lounge of Fiori Oscuri, a fashionable bar in Milan’s Brera District.

Speak Now! for Work with John Peter Sloan

I co-edited a series of booklets accompanying a DVD course for Business English. The series, “Speak Now! for Work” by John Peter Sloan was produced by La Repubblica / L’Espresso, one of Italy’s leading media groups.